Ian MacGillivray


adidas Basketball




Art Direction



Photo Direction



Adidas was looking to launch a new basketball shoe, the DAME 8, in a highly competitive market dominated by major brands like Nike and Under Armour. They needed a creative and innovative marketing strategy to differentiate the DAME 8 and appeal to basketball fans and players. Working against serious time constraints and the inability to capture updated athlete imagery, we put crafted a campaign around Dame's love of boxing and it's ability to help him be mentally unbeatable. We crafted a visual identity, strategy and holistic campaign centered around the iconic, golden-age aesthetics of boxing and created AR-enabled posters, which brought static 2D visuals to life and captured audiences attention.   Overall, the DAME 8 campaign was a huge success for Adidas, showcasing the brand's innovative marketing strategy and ability to connect with consumers on a deeper level while becoming one of the best-selling basketball shoes for the brand.

“This shoe is special to me because it reflects a boxer’s mindset – working hard every single day, putting in the extra hours during training and bringing the heat right down to the last second of every game.”


We crafted a positioning statement that embraced Dame's inspiration, mindset both within training and on-the-court focus, while bringing his love of boxing into the iconic visual aesthetic of the golden age of boxing visuals.

Campaign Launch Video + AR posters