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Easy Doesn't


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Gerber Gear, a leading manufacturer of outdoor knives and tools, was looking to reposition their brand to appeal to a younger demographic. They wanted to communicate the durability and reliability of their products, while also conveying a sense of adventure, exploration and that often means some of the hardest things are the ones most worth doing.

The campaign, led by the “Easy Doesn’t” video, appears in broadcast, print, digital and social channels, not only evoking the sentiment of Outdoor Providers, but informing a greater brand foundation that Gerber can carry through for years.



Reestablish a leadership position with a new consumer segment that represents the youngest and fastest-growing component of the sporting/pursuit side of the Outdoor market – the Outdoor Provider. Through engaging in extensive, one-on-one interviews with people who actively hunt, fish and forage to find our campaign approach and core truth, our qualitative research findings revealed that Outdoor Providers are connected to the food they pursue and consume, and they strive to provide only the best for their friends and families.


Embrace the experience of hunting, fishing and foraging rather than the results, and celebrate the challenges that make what they choose to do so much more than simply taking a trip to the food mart or grocery store.

We crafted “Easy Doesn’t” – a narrative thread that appreciates the hardships, difficulties and failures just as much as the successes inherent in catching and finding food for the people you care about. By “embedding” with select Gerber “Badassadors”, we captured on-location photography and videography that showcased the campaign sentiment in an aspirational yet authentic way. The "Easy Doesn't" campaign was a huge success for Gerber. The campaign resonated with a younger demographic, driving significant increases in brand awareness, engagement, and sales. The videos and ads received millions of views and shares on social media, with many viewers praising the campaign's authenticity and message.

The campaign helped Gerber Gear establish itself as a leader in the outdoor gear industry, with the brand earning widespread recognition and accolades for its innovative marketing strategy. The "Easy Doesn't" messaging has become a central component of Gerber Gear's brand identity, inspiring a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts to embrace the challenges and rewards of the great outdoors.

EASY DOESN’T – Campaign Launch Spot

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