Ian MacGillivray


Redefining an Icon




Art Direction



Photo Direction


Brendan Coughlin

SOREL is a footwear brand that has been known for producing high-quality outdoor boots for men since the early 1960s. However, in recent years, the company has made a strategic decision to expand their market reach and appeal to a more diverse customer base, specifically women. To achieve this goal, SOREL embarked on a rebranding campaign that focused on shifting their brand image from a male-centric rugged outdoor brand to a fashion-forward trendsetter. 

I worked with a team of designers, photographers, strategists and marketing directors to develop a fresh brand foundation and visual identity that would resonate with a younger audience and bring the brand into modern times. By shifting the brand image from a male-centric outdoor brand to a fashionable footwear brand, we were able to appeal to a new audience and expand their market reach. The brand refresh resulted in a significant increase in sales, with revenue increasing by 30% within the first year of the campaign.