Ian MacGillivray


A few big names I’ve had the pleasure of working with.



I had the pleasure of working with Gal on two Reebok campaigns. Shot in London and Los Angeles, I can honestly say she's an absolute joy to work with and is as down-to-earth as they come.

Photographers: Paola Kudacki, Brendan Coughlin



Nina is as lovely as her name. Not only is she a talented actress, but she can dance anyone off the floor, do any workout thrown her way and go full yoga-extraordinaire. Not too mention she’s got a wicked sense of humor that kept me laughing all day and night on-set.

Photographer: Monica May



Ferocious on the field yet humble and easy-going off, JJ Watt and his brothers were a blast to work with. Smart, funny, astonishingly athletic and best of all, just regular brothers talking trash to each other all day, everyday like they were playing ball in their backyard before they would become superstars.

Photographer: Michael Slossar

Camille Kostek


A ball of energy, fun and optimism. Camille Kostek is a model, dancer, actress and television host who became one of the Reebok ambassadors for the launch of the Pure/Move Bra. Such a fun shoot set along the Columbia river in Oregon.

Photographer: Rafael Astorga

Nathalie Emmanuel


Dancer. Actress. Yogi. Game of Thrones. All-around sweet human-being and a badass ambassador for women everywhere. Shot for Reebok Soul Fury campaign in NYC.

Photographer: Brendan Coughlin

Conor McGregor


The Notorious. Controversial, for sure. A wild entertainer, fighter and polarizing figure for the cameras and mic’s, but from what I experienced working with him on a few campaigns for Reebok… a very kind and humble dude who has had to work his ass off to get to where he’s at.

Photographer: Brendan Coughlin