Ian MacGillivray


Experiential Pop-Up


Sprite Experiential Pop-Up


Art Direction

Graphic Design



The Sprite Corner was a bodega themed, summer pop-up venue in lower Manhattan. Taking cues from classic New York corner stores, we created an authentic experience that opened up to an event space. Our primary objective was to re-establish Sprite's association with hip hop culture, and our efforts yielded exceptional results: references to Sprite in hip hop discussions increased by an astounding 5,000%.

In collaboration with W+K NYC, I helped to art direct the look and feel of The Corner and took on the design of the exterior of the bodega: the signage, awning, posters, window decals and neon along with leading a team of designers and illustrators to create numerous custom packaging items found throughout the space. Our team successfully rekindled brand relevance among a crucial target audience, effectively reestablishing Sprite's position within the pop culture landscape. The bodega-themed marketing initiative was a resounding success, generating a total of 908 million impressions, 120 million video views, and 919,000 social impressions.