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Harbor PDX

Timothy Olson embarked on a challenging journey in 2021, attempting to set the record for the Fastest Known Time across the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail in less than 52 days, averaging over 50 miles per day. adidas collaborated with Timothy, seeking to communicate his story through weekly updates on social media channels, while promoting their Terrex line of ultrarunning gear with a unique visual identity. We helped the brand do just that through Art Direction, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Retouching, UX/UI, Design & System Guidelines, Editing & Post Production, Animation & Motion Graphics.

To showcase the massive scale of the undertaking and captivate the audience's attention, a strategy was developed that employed infographic design, comparing the extensive statistics and achievements to everyday life and activities. To create weekly video updates, extensive documentary footage was condensed, and data points were aligned with the current week's stories, resulting in engaging videos, IG stories, carousels, and grid posts. These updates were delivered across multiple channels, including Instagram, which regularly surpassed 10K views, attracting dozens of comments and outperforming the channel average.

Additionally, a partner site at Outside Online was created to aggregate creative content and link to the adidas TERREX products used on the trail. Visitors eagerly followed Timothy's progress throughout his ultimately successful attempt.

After 2,652 miles, 400,000 feet in elevation gain, and more than 51 days, ultrarunner Timothy Olson finished his PCT thru-hike…

On July 29, the FKT organization recognized Olson’s time as

the fastest ever on the PCT at 51 days, 16 hours, 55 minutes, and 0 seconds.

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